osFAQ 1.2.1 ST available for download

osFAQ is available for download:

2014-04-20 – Updated for compatibility with osTicket version 1.8 and 1.9

It is a maintenance release for the osFAQ 1.2 series and fixes some incompatibility issues that were first reported with osTicket version and

New Website

If you’ve been here before you would have gathered the website has had an upgrade. Not much more I can say on that you can’t see for yourself. Hope everyone enjoys the site and I will make an attempt to add some additional documentation including user guides when I can.

Tim Gall


Open Source FAQ manager

An easily adaptable FAQ module for websites.

osFAQ is a dynamic plugin FAQ-system for php based websites. It can be modified by developers to suit their own needs. Currently only osTicket is supported by default.

The purpose of this website is to provide documentation about osFaq and links to other sources of related information. osFaq is ideally suited to websites using a header and footer section. Its designed to be seamlessly integrated with minimal effort. Integration packs may be developed to support a number of other websites in the future.

The latest version is osFaq v1.2.1-ST (2013-10-06) (downloadchange-logscreenshots)
osFAQ v1.2.1-ST is designed for osTicket 1.7.x but is backward compatible with osTicket v1.6.

The older osFAQ v1.2-RC only works with osTicket 1.7-RC5 or greater.
https://github.com/osTicket/osTicket-1.7osTicket website


  • Database driven using PHP/MySQL.
  • Unlimited categories, sub-categories and FAQs.
  • Streamlined administration area for increased productivity.
  • User friendly design.
  • Uses pagination for the admin and user side.
  • Allows uploading FAQ attachments.
  • Allows uploading multiple images per FAQ or using images you uploaded previously.
  • Allows users to submit FAQS for approval/rejection.
  • Integrated WYSIWYG editor.
  • Integrated reCAPTCHA bot prevention for user submitted FAQs.
  • Categories and FAQs can be disabled/enabled.
  • Admin and User side search.
  • Keyword highlighting for user search.
  • Featured FAQ block: Display Featured, Popular and New FAQs on osTicket pages.
  • Optional SEO URL system.
  • Built in multilanguage support. English, German and Spanish translations supplied.
  • Built in XML sitemap generator for search engine robots.
  • RSS feed generator.
  • Install/Update wizard.
  • Open Source Software licensed under the GPLv3

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The latest Spanish and German translations are bundled in all new releases from v1.0ST onwards.