Changes in osFaq v1.4.0-ST (2018-04-02)

osFAQ Screenshots

  • This release adds new functionality and some minor fixes to the existing system. Changes include:
    • Added support for the osTicket "Canned Response" system.
      • Uses realtime ajax checkboxes to add/remove osFAQ entries to/from osTicket Canned Response system.
      • Also incorporated into the import/export system.
    • Added modular search form for use in external locations such as osTicket pages.
    • Expanded and improved import/export (previously migrate) user-interface and functionality.
    • Minor css formatting fixes.
    • Installer updated to support this version.
    • Added to the install package: sample pre-integrated osTicket files for use with file compare software.

Changes in osFaq v1.3.1-ST (2018-02-25, Edited: 2018-03-28)

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  • This release bundles a number of fixes and improvements to the existing system. Changes include:
    • Fixed migrate/import duplicate checking.
    • Upgraded the client side Suggest a new FAQ reCaptcha system from version 1 to version 2.
      • Removed requirement for user name and email when a non-admin submits a new FAQ (via the Suggest a new FAQ page when enabled).
    • Various minor css formatting fixes.
    • Improved visuals of user submitted entries in admin (FAQ list view icons).
    • Changed status and featured checkbox-toggles in admin to AJAX powered (improves toggle speed).
    • Updated WYSIWYG editor to ckEditor v4.8.0.
      • Replaced hard coded WYSIWYG theme lists on FAQ Settings page with dynamic lists based on installed skins.
      • Added more WYSIWYG themes and changed theme changer to use the new dynamic skin list system (…theme changing works properly).
    • Updated version checker to use a secure remote URL when checking osFAQ’s version.
    • Installer updated to support this version.

Changes in osFaq v1.3.0-ST

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  • Added FAQ migration functionality for copying FAQs between osTicket-KB/FAQ system and osFAQ.
    • Limitations include:
    • Currently only one direction is supported for this release.
    • Attachments are not copied or referenced due to limitations in osFAQ attachment management process.
    • These limitations will be overcome in a future release (most likely the next version).

Changes in osFaq v1.2.2-ST

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  • Added compatibility for osTicket 1.10 and improved compatibility with osTicket 1.9.x
  • Fixed incompatibilities with pjax (a third party script used by newer osTicket versions).
    • Fixes admin stylesheets not being used until the page was forcibly refreshed.
    • Fixes inconsistencies with editing and saving data.
    • Fixes admin pages sometimes not loading (as in freezing with an opaque overlay).
  • Updated WYSIWYG editor to the latest version (CKEditor 4.6.2 series).


An important option has been added to the admin tab navigation link.
The installer will let you know during install but since the option is on the end of a long line in some text fields in the installer/install instructions it may not be visible until you scroll right.

Changes in osFaq v1.2.1-ST

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Users of osTicket 1.7.1.x who use osFaq are encouraged to upgrade to this version for compatibility with osTicket.

These changes fix major stability issues in osFaq v1.2 with osTicket 1.7.1.x.

  • Compatibility release.
    • Fixed an installer incompatibility with osTicket 1.7.1.x.
    • Fixed a Faq admin incompatibility with osTicket 1.7.1.x.
    • Fixed a client side incompatibility with osTicket 1.7.1.x.

Changes in osFaq v1.2-ST (2013-03-31)

osFAQ Screenshots

These changes extend upon the ground work done in osFAQ v1.2-RC.
Most of the v1.2 changes are related to admin users experience, to improve that experience and make using osFAQ as easy and enjoyable as possible; hopefully with increased productivity as well.

  • Interface redesign and functionality updates for admin.
    • Continued the modern look and feel through the rest of the administration area.
      • Improved the look of the right sidebox and added colors based on the action. EG: delete uses reds, move uses oranges, copy uses blues, default uses grays.
      • Improved the styling for the pagination strip so it blends in better, looks less cluttered and fits the table more aesthetically.
      • When a view is not paginated in admin, the top pagination bar will not display.
    • Added a parent category selector to the Category edit/new pages.
    • Added a parent category selector to the FAQ edit/new pages.
    • Added featured status to the FAQ edit/new pages.
    • Added featured status to the Category edit/new pages.
    • Added edit link to right side “arrow icon” when row is selected, for more consistent user navigation.
    • Added edit button to FAQ preview page for more fluid navigation (when not already editing).
    • Added pagination to the image browser on the product edit/new page.
    • Added parent-category indicator on the right side box when a category is selected in list view.
    • Added customer submitted FAQ icons and messages for FAQs that are submitted to the system from the client side area.
    • Added default status and featured selector setting to osFaq settings under the “Admin side settings” heading.
    • Added a FAQ/Category filter.
    • Added a featured FAQ/Category filter.
    • Put all filters into a filter strip with an active indicator so its easy to see when a filter is active. All filters can be reset to defaults with a single click.
    • Improved list view statistics display (bottom left in FAQ admin).
    • Improved admin breadcrumb menu.
    • Changed “show all” checkbox to a drop down list with “Nested View” and “Flat View” as options.
    • Systems messages are grouped by type to reduce clutter when multiple messages are displayed at once.
    • Added a small bottom margin to system message boxes so groups are more readable.
  • Various patches, fixes and improvements:

    • Fixed documents “link-text” not being reposted when editing a FAQ.
    • Fixed redirection on security index.php files to point to the new main client file “osfaq.php” instead of the old file “faq.php” used by osFAQ < v1.2-RC.
    • Fixed an issue with category paths shown in delete FAQ sidebox “may have contained trailing <b characters”.
    • Fixed pagination not working properly with search and some other filters in admin.
    • Fixed pagination in admin not working with categories. WooHoo!
    • Fixed osTicket active subnav link on the osFAQ tab. Now gets detected correctly.
    • Improved FAQ copy (duplication). Added 2 missing fields (featured and upload_text), omits last_modified date and sets creation date to current time.
    • Stopped linked FAQs duplicating in flat-view. The categories a FAQ is linked to are indicated in the right column now.
    • Changed LH folder icons in faq admin flat-view to enter the clicked category using nested-view since its not possible to view a single category in flat-view.
    • Removed inline calls to jQuery js files.
    • Improved visibility of reinstall warning message when user attempts to reinstall the same version of osFaq.
    • Due to the new category options in the new/edit, faq/category areas, faqs and categories can be created from anywhere including searches and “Flat View” when there is no current parent category active.
  • Admin Settings:
    • Changed sort order so the WYSIWYG theme settings are below the option to turn the WYSIWYG editor on/off.
  • Updated installer/upgrader for version 1.2-ST (tested with clean installs, and upgrades from osFaq v1.0-RC2/RC3/RC4/RC5/RC6, 1.0-ST, 1.1-ST and 1.2-RC).
  • Technical changes:
    • Added DB fields “client_entry” to the osfaq and osfaq_categories database tables for flagging user submitted entries.
    • Changed DB table field name “show_on_nonfaq” to “featured” in the osfaq and osfaq_categories database tables.
    • Changed all DB tables from defaulting to utf8_general_ci collations to utf8_unicode_ci for better search accuracy in non english languages.
    • Major work to and FaqUpload.php
    • Adapter-Packs: Added /faq/include/OsFaqAdapter.class.php for acting as a buffer between the parent web engine and osFaq. This is the first adapter-pack and is designed for osTicket installations.
      Adapter packs make no difference to operation, they merely provide a neat way to maintain multiple integration types so efforts can be focused on osFaq core development.

      • The next adapter-pack will be for wordpress integration. The theory behind the concept is to make integrating osFaq into a range of web engines easier to manage for the osFaq developer/s; rather than having many custom versions of osFaq to maintain. Each adapter pack will contain an OsFaqAdapter class, complete installer, styles and any integration specific plugins [for closer osFaq integration with a parent web engine]. The different adapter-packs will be made available separately and prepackaged with osFaq so downloading the right version of osFaq will be easy.
    • Backwards compatibility for osTicket 1.6 has been built in, alternate styles and font awesome are required to make it work properly and are available as a patch pack from osFAQ.


Special thanks to Jason Berger for suggestions on design improvement and assistance with testing this release.

Open Source projects osFAQ uses:
Font-Awesome –
CKEditor –
JQuery –
Farbtastic Color Picker –

Changes in osFaq v1.2-RC (2013-03-06)

osFAQ Screenshots

  • Extensive interface redesign for admin.
    • Admin has an attractive new look and feel full of pixel perfect Font-Awesome icons.
    • Consistent new interface looks and feels the same in a wide variety of popular browsers including: Mozilla FireFox, Google Chrome, Opera, IE8/9/10 and Safari.
    • Added a version check page that can let you know when new versions of osFAQ are available, what the major changes are and where to download them.
    • Improved admin navigation with the addition of fast edit icons for categories, faqs and osFAQ settings (right hand edit icon on each row in admin).
    • Replaced the on/off status and featured icons with a checkbox.
    • Changed wording of “TOP LEVEL” to “FAQ Home” (english only).
    • Updated ckeditor to version
      • Reduced osFAQ’s donwload size from 2.7mb to less than 900KB.
    • Added php integration to avoid hardcoding javascript calls to ckeditor.
  • Various patches, fixes and improvements:

    • Removed requirement for dom to be installed for the faq preview page.
    • Fixed the back button for faq preview before save not working in some browsers.
    • Fixed the category checks to stop admins creating categories with no name.
    • Fixed an issue where when SSL was enabled in the settings some admin pages and the client side submission page didnt work properly.
    • Changed default sort order in admin to ascending order by name (A at the top, Z at the bottom).
  • Admin Settings:
    • Added WYSIWYG theme option for admin.
    • Added WYSIWYG theme option for client side.
      • Currently there are 2 themes (look and feels) for the WYSIWYG editor (ckeditor).
  • Updated installer/upgrader for version 1.2-RC (tested with clean installs, and upgrades from osFaq v1.0-RC2/RC3/RC4/RC5/RC6, 1.0-ST and 1.1-ST).
    • Added database permissions check on intro page.
    • Added old file checks to advise if old osFAQ files are present.
    • Improved interface styling.
  • Technical changes:
    • Designed for osTicket 1.7-RC5 and above.
    • Changed osFAQ client side filenames and admin filenames to begin with “osfaq” to avoid confusion (5 files in all).
    • Changed all osFAQ database table names to begin with “osfaq_” to avoid confusion.
      • NOTES: Table names still use the specified osticket table prefix as before.

Special thanks to Jason Berger for inspiration, ideas and assitance with testing this release.

Open Source projects osFAQ uses:
Font-Awesome – http://fortawesome.git…m/Font-Awesome/
CKEditor –
Farbtastic Color Picker –…picker-plug-in/

Changes in osFaq v1.1.ST

Major Changes:

  • Improved main.faq.php (core file, major improvements)
  • Added reCAPTCHA integration to the Faq Submit client side page. reCAPTCHA configs are on the FAQ settings page.
    • Enabled translations for the reCAPTCHA box. Translations for the reCAPTCHA error messages by Silvio (German) and Francisco (Spanish).
    • Built custom themes for reCAPTCHA to closely match the default themes (red, white, blackglass) but in a wider format to support multiple languages without breaking the layout like the default ones from reCAPTCHA tend to for longer amounts of text than the english default.
  • Updated CKEditor to the latest version.
    • Enabled translations for the WYSIWYG editor, to suit the selected language (translations are bundled with CKEditor as part of the official CKEditor release).
    • The WYSIWYG editor makes better use of the stylesheets that are used by the client side.
  • Added admin settings for document uploads.
    • Acceptable file extension list
    • File size limits including an option to add php over ride settings to your .htaccess file for “memory_limit, post_max_size, upload_max_filesize“.
    • When editting this setting, a simple diagram is shown graphically displaying how each memory setting relates to the others by hierarchy. For instance, memory_limit affects all other size limits, therefore it should be greater than or equal to the other sizes, etc.
  • Added admin setting to turn FAQ counts on or off (they are shown next to category links).
    • Added admin setting to show the FAQ count as a sum of FAQs including FAQs in subcategories, or just the count of FAQs directly in a category.
  • Added admin setting to show answers on thier own page when displayed, or to expand the FAQ list and display the answer inline.
    • When answers are displayed on thier own page, search-engine sitemaps will contain links to each FAQ.
    • When answers are displayed inline in a list of questions, search-engine sitemaps will contain links to each FAQ-Category.
  • Improved the SEO URL .htaccess modification option to preserve unrelated .htaccess instructions including custom redirects and self removal if the setting is disabled when the .htaccess write-box is selected.
  • Added a field to the document upload FAQ admin section for link text that is used for the readable portion of document links when displayed below a FAQ.
  • Added duplicate document name checking. Duplicate filenames now get a timestamp added to the end to avoid overwriting existing documents.
  • Added a schema file for the SEO-Sitemap in case a person is ever viewing the file. The schema stylesheet controls formatting and styles used for displaying the sitemap file to humans. It has no effect on search-engine indexing bots that read the sitemap.

Minor Changes:

  • Updated the install/upgrade system to support v1.1-ST.
  • Admin FAQ edit page:
    • Set a message on the page to indicate no images exist if none were found after clicking the browse button.
    • Changed the browse-images button to match the image-upload button.
    • Added a margin to the “uploaded-images” (visible after the browse button is pressed).
  • Fixed a html layout error on the Submit-FAQ client-side page after a successful submission.
  • Increased the database field sizes for the FAQ settings page to stop setting “title and description” translations from being truncated when changing languages.
  • Improved the sitemap.xml entry for the main FAQ page to be more SEO friendly when SEO URL’s are enabled.
  • Various css improvements to the admin pages of osFAQ.
  • Numerous other minor changes, fixes and improvements.

Changes in osFaq v1.0.STABLE (ST)

  • Various patches, fixes and improvements:

    • Integrated the latest fixes and new installer from v1.0.RC6 – Patch 2 and above including:
      • Fixed “array_map” callback function errors on some servers.
      • Fixed FATAL ERROR 2 being displayed during install and application-running on some servers.
      • Fixed a path issue related to some Windows-IIS servers and also Plesk-CP with subdomains.
      • Changed column type in faq_settings table to avoid conflicts with some configurations of MySQL.
    • Fixes to main.faq.php dynamic path system.
    • Fixed external faq module not displaying Faq’s with no category.
    • Fixed upload manager showing duplicate valid images and documents.
    • Fixed the language-list setting not updating when new languages are added; without logging out and back in to reset the session.
    • Fixed the feed generator not working as expected when feed-caching was turned off.
    • Fixed SSL not being used by default when the setting was enabled in admin.
    • Fixed sitemap_ui not reporting the correct filename after writting a new sitemap.
    • Fixes to client side search:
      • Fixed search URL so it uses a fully generated URL instead of an abbreviated one.
      • Fixed search results not automagically expanding when displayed.
      • Fixed Faqs in root category (ones that have no parent category) not being displayed as expected in search results.
      • Added onBlur function to search field (cosmetic improvement).
    • Fixed Faq preview page showing old data for edits (new data was still saved correctly).
    • Numerous other minor fixes and improvements.
  • Faq Admin:
    • IMAGES:
      • The image uploader has been replaced with an AJAX based uploader.
      • Added a browse area for browsing existing images. Uploaded images can be inserted into Faq’s by dragging and dropping (when using the WYSIWYG editor).
      • The WYSIWYG editor has been updated to the latest version in preparation for the v1.0ST release. This version has improved image support.
    • Added a views field to faq admin showing the client views for each Faq and category.
    • Added column sort by headers to the Faq admin area.
    • Improved the admin Faq preview.
    • Added support for UTF-8 filenames with image and attachment uploads.
    • Added multilanguage support to the installer/upgrader.
    • Various hardcoded language elements migrated into language files.
    • Dynamic database translations for faq settings and setting-descriptions.
      • Database Translations are installed on demand when changing languages and during installs/upgrades.
  • Admin Settings:
    • Added a colour chooser to the faq settings area for colour based settings.
    • Added an admin option to disable the Client side Faq areas.
    • Added an option to the SEO-URL settings for writting to the .htaccess file automatically. Eliminating the need to manually edit the file.
    • Added a curl SSL-check to verify SSL (of any type) is installed on the server. If its not, the SSL setting is disabled for safety.
    • Admin setting changes:
      • Removed admin option for fancy buttons.
      • Removed admin option for max image uploads.
      • Added option to disable client side FAQ areas.
      • Added Timezone option.
  • Updated installer for new version (tested with clean installs and upgrades from RC2/3/4/5/6 to ST).

Changes in osFaq v1.0.rc6


  • Fixed a bug when browsing client side FAQ’s that caused the “show all/hide all” option to permanently fail.
  • Added Atom/RSS syndication feed generator.
    • Generates Atom v1.0 or RSS v2.0(.11) documents based on admin setting.
    • Added admin settings to control its output.
    • Feed can be cached or live (based on the admin preference).
  • New sitemap generator. Rebuilt from the ground up.
    • Sitemaps elements can be appended to existing sitemap and sitemap_index files.
    • Replaced the help section with up to date and usefull information including useage instructions.
    • Databases with over 50,000 categories will ouput multiple compressed sitemaps (approx. 50,000 elements per file) with a single uncompressed sitemap_index. This functionality will also occur with large databases when appending to an existing sitemap.
    • Added a ping option to instantly notify Google, Yahoo, Bing and when a new sitemap is generated.
  • Updated the WYSIWYG editor to version 3.2.0.
    • Added more formatting options to the client submit-faq page.
    • Moved WYSIWYG path version (matches folder name) to settings.faq.php
  • User submitted faqs: Improved content cleaning prior to being saved. All tags not allowed on the WYSIWYG editor are removed from the answer portion. All other fields have all tags removed.
  • Added localization settings on a per language basis.
    • Added direction option (ltr, rtl, ttb).
    • Added timezone setting. This is required for PHP >= 5.3.1
    • Moved date format masks into the localization file.
  • Improved cosmetics of the FAQ Upload Manager.
  • Added an index file to the faqs folder for convenience. If the setup folder exists it will redirect there, otherwise it will rediect to faq.php (note: after installing, the installer and admin area will both nag until the setup folder is deleted (or renamed. Deletion is the recommended option)).
  • Object Orientation and variable hiding/shielding:
    • Added “OSFDB_” prefix to all constants in the database to avoid naming conflicts and make further development easier.
    • Renamed class files and classes to follow the following standard: All classes start with an uppercase letter and the word Faq. Anything that doesn’t, isn’t a class.
    • Migrated all loose functions to classes (effectively eliminating the file “functions.php“).
    • Language Constants:
      • Added “OSF_” prefix to all language constants to avoid naming conflicts.
      • Removed any unused or duplicate constants.
      • Split “faq_admin.lang.php” into multiple files. This makes it easier to grasp what page each language file relates to. Common elements remain in “faq_admin.lang.php”.
    • Restructure of configuration files. Now theres only one file with config settings: config.faq.php. All other config functionality has been moved to a file called in the faq/includes directory.
    • Base paths:
      • Replaced calls to the server variable DOCUMENT_ROOT with an internal constant value which can be manually editted if necessary.
      • Due to the setup of some shared hosting environments, DOCUMENT_ROOT is now calculated rather than requesting it from the server.
      • Base paths are still calculated dynamically but in a way that shouldnt fail, regardless of server type and configuration.
      • The installer also uses this approach and has additional warning messages in the event it cant find out where it is.
      • Changed the osFaq variable $PHP_SELF to a constant OSF_PHP_SELF

Changes in osFaq v1.0.rc5


  • Updated the osFaq installer to work with fresh installs of osTicket v1.6 ST (STABLE).
  • Fixed admin FAQ form not submitting in IE browsers.
  • Fixed admin form button text when the “fancy buttons” option is turned off.
  • Added admin side validation for FAQs and FAQ Categories.
  • Added an admin setting to choose between Only-Admins or Admins-and-Staff being able to access the FAQ administration area.
  • Added an admin setting to toggle between allowing “logged in users” or “anonymous users” to submit new faqs.
  • Updated the WYSIWYG editor to the latest version (from v3.0.1 to v3.1.0).
  • Modified WYSIWYG admin toolbar button arrangement (removed unused).
  • Modified WYSIWYG client toolbar button arrangement (added some more options).
  • Updated admin style sheet.

Support Systems:

  • New RC5 Install/Upgrade wizard.
  • New RC5 Install/Upgrade guide.

Changes in osFaq v1.0.rc4


  • Added smart page compression and ETag-cache-control to client and admin pages to reduce page display time.
  • Cleaned up client-side html.
  • Added functionality to allow FAQs in the TOP-LEVEL category.
  • Restricted access to osFaq Settings and Upload Cleaner pages to allow admins only. (EG: admins only, staff members will not see these links or be able to access these pages.)
  • Updated codebase for PHP 5.3.0


  • Cleaned up the pagination class, moved pagination language elements to language files, made pagination urls more SEO friendly when the option is enabled in admin.
  • Pagination now stores the last “items per page” limit for the users session.
  • Added an admin option for the pagination default display limit.
  • Added an admin option for positioning the client side pagination strip.
  • Fixed remote URLs not displaying the correct page for paginated results (EG: FAQ url’s from the osTicket pages or other websites, to faqs not on page one of a category).

osFaq SEO URL’s:

  • The SEO URL’s system has been re-written and is considered stable after a major overhaul and lots of testing. This also resolves a few URL issues that existed in the RC3 url system.
  • Added an option to retain or stip english joining words from SEO URL’s.
  • Majorly improved the SEO-URL link text filters to avoid breaking pages when certain special characters were used in the Category name or FAQ question.

XML Sitemapper:

  • Added a SEO xml sitemapper with user interface. For this release, xml sitemaps can be generated in the base osTicket directory or your servers public root directory.
    • Furture upgrades to the xml sitemap system will include the ability to append the sitemap to an existing sitemap on the same domain (presumably generated by your main website).

Internal Systems: (These correct some bad URL paths being intermittently generated)

  • Improved the base path finder used internally by osFaq.
  • Changed PHP_SELF references to the pages constant names.

Support Systems:

  • New RC4 Install/Upgrade wizard.
  • New RC4 Install/Upgrade guide.

Changes in osFaq v1.0.rc3

  • Improved admin image uploader functionality when reposting form data on upload.
  • Added document uploader support for the docx extension.
  • Moved most of the remaining language elements to defined language variables.
  • Moved language constants to a new languages directory allowing other languages to be added. Default language is set from admin.
    • Added an option to toggle between image and style buttons in admin. This is mainly to support languages other than english.
  • Cleaned up code formatting and improved some html elements in client and admin pages.
  • Improved query building in class.SQLExtension.php
  • Added a FAQ module for osTicket pages to display a collection of the most-viewed FAQs, newest FAQs and Featured FAQs. Control settings are in admin.
    • Added a featured option to FAQs and categories admin. Featured items get displayed in the FAQ display module for osTicket pages and the remote website module.
    • The external faq module also has a page that can be used on other websites.
  • In FAQ Settings, replaced the date-added column with the settings value and added group headings.
  • Added breadcrumb navigation to FAQ admin.
  • Fixed the FAQ-preview “back-button”.
  • Numerous other improvements.

Changes in osFaq v1.0.rc2 PATCH 3

PATCH-3 fixes:

1) FAQ admin navigation:
Fixed multiple navigation errors when browsing FAQ admin pages. This issue appears to be fixed now.

2) FAQ admin uploader:

  • The faq document uploader supports a larger range of doctypes (pdf, txt, doc, odt, tab, csv, xls, xlsx, ods).
  • Removed upload button from faq document uploader. Document will be uploaded when faq is saved.
    • The reason for this is the system only saves the FAQ database info after previewing the FAQ; however the file upload is carried out between the edit and preview pages so the system can generate any upload error messages it may encounter while uploading the file. Until the FAQ has been saved (EG: after the preivew page) there is no official record of the document recorded with the FAQ. Having its own seperate download button could have led the administrator to think the document record had been recorded with the FAQ entry before it had actually occurred.
  • Improved faq preview message for documents.
  • Fixed the inline image uploader resetting other fields when using its upload button.

3) Remove unused FAQ uploads:
Fixed puctuation errors and corrected inline php comments.

Changes in osFaq v1.0.rc2 PATCH 2

PATCH-2 corrects a truncated filename issue with the admin uploader. ie: document links were not working because filename was being truncated.

Changes in osFaq v1.0.rc2 PATCH 1

PATCH-1 fixes a navigation bug in the admin area that occurred when browsing through a list of categories and faqs.

osFaq v1.0.rc2

First public release.